Club No. 50217 D 3830 Philippines

    Club No. 50217 D 3830 Philippines

    Club No. 50217 D 3830 Philippines

    Club No. 50217 D 3830 Philippines

    Club No. 50217 D 3830 Philippines


During my inaugural message, I started the ball rolling by a question… “What have you been doing for others?” And there, I joyfully shared how I have learned to share my 3 Ts for Rotary after a year of being a Rotarian and now a Life Changing President (LCP).


They say time flies when you are having fun, never thought I can survive half my term being an LCP, amidst the challenges posed by this pandemic, the escalating demands at work and my laboratory as a scientist for the nation as well as responsibilities at home, being juggled to flawlessly serve and change lives. I found myself flowing with the tide as guided by my Club Past Presidents and sailing along with LCP Classmates, fellow Rotarians, Rotaractors and Intercators of our club, enjoying each moment to use our talents, time and treasures to reach our beneficiaries.


Since my term marks the start of celebrating our club’s silver anniversary, we made 25 kids happy and healthy during the Children’s day last July, strongly emphasizing the importance of oral health, family values and joys of being kids through gift giving. We also started establishing the MAT Caparas Village, a Rotary Cultural Village, a community of Alangan Mangyan in Mindoro through the project called ROOFed and food-for-work. This honors PRIP MAT Caparas affirming his respect for the nobility of the poor and emphasizing diversity, equity and inclusion as well as encouraging their ownership and engagement. We started with 25 homes and will continue to finish the remaining households soon.


When most clubs were encouraged to invite female Rotarians as new members, our club was challenged to recruit males. RCPM’s trademark is giving vibes that we are a family and not just a club, thus, together with our membership team we boldly and excitedly tried the “spouses and families” recruitment strategy. This is to continue engaging our respective families in various Rotary activity whether as a couple, as a family and now, as a club. Worth noting related to this initiative is having Paul Harris Families from our club recognized during the TRF gala. As we continue to heed the call of “each one bring one”, we are committed more than ever to retaining them all.


I am humbled by RCPM’s generosity as 10 of us have joined as charter members of the Polio Plus Society, making sure to help and make history to finally close the gap and end polio globally. It was indeed a fun month to celebrate and inspire other to end polio, together with my husband, we even joined a virtual marathon, 24km, to raise funds for this cause. Not only we enjoyed our time with fellow runners but knowing that this healthy activity will also help in ending polio, it was surely worth it.


The Rotary have always given me opportunities to use my vocation, a virologist and immunologist, to educate and aid in understanding the benefits of vaccination for COVID-19, various clubs and even districts have invited us to share insights, advances and other important issues related to ending fake news about vaccination. I think that even if my term ends, I will continue this call to reach more and educate more to help end this pandemic and provide healthy and safe spaces against COVID-19.


Speaking of SAFE SPACES, we are thankful for District 3830 in providing us a district grant to help empower girls, women and other vulnerable genders though our SAFE SPACE project with Barangay Almanza Dos, RC Makati and YCA Philippines. We started during the vocational service month to describe what safe spaces meant through our vocation and how we can help create a safe space for everyone. As we continue the project in training barangay safe spaces champions, we are looking forward to having this model perpetuated in other barangays in the coming rotary years. This is our way to ensure that girls, women, and all vulnerable genders are empowered, wherever they are, allowing them to reach their full potential and fulfilling their dreams.


As we embark towards the next half of this rotary year journey, we are excited to cap it with relevance, inclusivity, and focus. Several projects are brewing such as our Scholarships for the DEAF, Water project for the Alangan Mangyan, economy and livelihood initiatives for the Dumagats and our Rotary Environment Coffee Project. Hopeful that beyond the club’s silver years, we remain steadfast and linked stronger.


This is LCP Lhen, first half done, on to the next half!



Catalina S. Hilario

Charter President, RY 1997-1998

I am grateful to our Almighty GOD for the opportunity and in placing me to a position where HE wants me to be, and give voluntary service to help humanity . I have told my friends, “I am at this point in my life where I give service in thanksgiving for the blessings received from our LORD GOD Almighty”


Through the years....

I join everyone in delightfully Congratulating and sending well wishes to our beloved Rotary Club of Paranaque Metro and our dearest members and friends.

We are now on our Silver year; 25th year of Rotary service and fellowship and joyfully looking forward in road mapping to a Golden year of service.

My profound thanks and appreciation to our presidents who served and will continue to serve in our club;

Current President Lhen Balolong, 1997-98 CP Lina Hilario; 1998-99 PP Sally Tongson(+); 1999-2000 PP Helen Mogan/retired; 2000-2001 PP Marge Lamberte; 2001-2002 ; PP Carmen Flores(+); 2002-03 PP Evelyn Vale,; 2003-04 PP Naty Casibang/retired ; 2004-2005 PP Lea Recomite; 2005-06 PP Mercibel Fuentebella, 2006-07 PP Lilibeth De La Cruz; 2007-08 PP Edith Carpio; 2008-09 PP Brenda Hernandez; 2009-2010 PP Ruby Rodriguez / /chartered another club; 2010-11 PP Mira-Jon Alovera; 2011-2012 PP

Lourdes Pabalinas(+); 2012-2013 PP Fe Maximo/ /retired; 2013-2014 PP Donna Gasgonia/retired; 2014-15 PP Tess Lachaona/retired; 2015-2016 PP Avelyn Jahns; 2016-17 CP Lina Hilario; 2017-18 PP Ester Florendo; 2018-19 PP Sharon Fong; 2019-2020 PP Josephine Solano/retired; 2020-21 PP Rowena Reyes; 2021-22 Marilen Balolong; and 2022-2023 PE Manette Inocencio, 2023-2024 PN Cecilia Legaspi.

Congratulations for your giving of your self, your time and treasure for the enjoyable service to Rotary!

Heaven has been good to RC Paranaque Metro. Our club is gifted with amazing leaders and  members who have been active in the club and zealously committed to Rotary service, including  giving to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) and to the PolioPlus Fund.

The stellar service of our presidents have consistently brought top awards to our club, giving  honor with distinction to RC Paranaque Metro.

Let us thank President Karol Antonio and all members of the Rotaract Club of Paranaque Metro. Likewise Thanks to President Mike Teodoro and members of the Satellite Club of Paranaque Metro Stars for their support to their club and members,,and to RC Paranaque Metro. We look forward to more engagements and joint projects with our Rotaract Club and Satellite Clubs in the near future.

Wishing we can form Teams to visit with our Foreign and local Twin Clubs or Sister Clubs soon. We miss travelling to visit our sister clubs. Profound thanks to the Governors during our service year, for the friendship and guidance to our club, and to our past presidents who have continuously been serving as District Officers with the Governor’s team, for their unquenchable desire to do best for the District; and for the club, thus giving honor to RC Paranaque Metro.

Allow me to thank dearly our stalwart elders, the Magnificent 7 who through the years have joined me and zealously stood guard, gave inspiring guidance, and provided the needed support for a sustained club administration and operations to how and where our club is today. I thank PP Ave Jahns, PP Baby Vale, PP Brenda Hernandez, PP Ester Florendo, PP Lea Recomite, PP Lilibeth De La Cruz, PP Marge Lamberte, Recomite, all inspired by Rotary’s mission to help make a difference and change peoples’ life in the communities that we all serve, thereby helping create Peace in the Rotary world.

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